17: Leslie Hershberger - Intention, Pause & We-ness

Leslie Hershberger is a leading teacher of the Enneagram and a skilled facilitator, consultant and coach who's work spans the U.S and Europe. She's on the board of the International Enneagram Association and she's known not only for her unique interventions in team dynamics, but also for her humor and insightful facilitation of Enneagram panels. She's a huge fan of the work of The Hive and is excited to join us for this dive into the Enneagram. Leslie is also one of The Hive's Core Facilitators. Check her out here.

If you don't have time now to listen to everything, feel free to skip ahead to where the meditation begins at 49:00 and then come back later for the conversation.

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The intro and outro music is by Troy Bronsink.

From the Hive is produced by Joey Taylor.