Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a class or event?

  • We offer early registration for our members, one week  prior to releasing to the general public.

  • Follow us on Facebook to view any classes/events on our Event Page.

  • All tickets are sold through Eventbrite, you can brows Hive classes in particular here.

Why does the calendar event from Eventbrite take up the whole time frame?

  • Since we use single Eventbrite tickets for multi-week courses, some email clients automatically populate the entire multi-week span on your devices. To disable this you will need to decline the automated calendar invitation or delete it in your calendar. 

Do you offer drop in classes?

  • Many of our facilitators prefer a no drop in policy to encourage deeper relationships with meeting participants as trust builds through shared experience.

  • Some of our classes, especially body-work and some art classes, offer a week-by-week drop-in option.

    • When there are available drop ins you will find a sticker denoting Drop Ins Welcome

    • and a Drop In ticket within the registration page of Eventbrite

How does the Family Membership work?

  • Additional memberships for family members are $20 a person. 

  • Please reach out to  She will send you a private link.

Can I invite a friend?

  • We offer our members a Buddy Pass to offer friends and family to check out our space for one class. You can send this link to those you wish to invite- Buddy Pass

  • We also hold “Buzz” every other month as a way to meet facilitators and members in anticipation of a new round of courses. Check our event’s page for upcoming dates. 

Can I offer my membership to another person if I am unable to use it?

  • Memberships are non-transferable. 

  • To see if you qualify to pause your membership contact

Are there refunds for classes or membership?

  • No. (Wow! That sounded harsh!) But seriously, we thank you for your membership contribution. The Hive is a nonprofit and your sustaining membership is used for our operations even when you might not be able to take advantage. 

  • Select class fees are refundable through Eventbrite up to 7 days before the class.

How do I donate to the Hive?

  • Thanks for asking!  You can make a tax deductible donate on our website if you click here

  • Or reach out to to learn about our major gifts opportunities.  

I am locked out of my account and would like to update my credit card information?

  • Please reach out to  She will work with our membership partners to obtain a lock out link for you.

How can I get more involved?

  • We’d love to have you engage more deeply in our community! We have a number of ways people contribute beyond their membership. You can apply to help out with our Hospitality Team, which hosts classes and events, and helps manage the facilities and supplies, and connects with community partners for our larger events, please fill out this form, and we’ll reach out to you. 

  • If you would like to contribute in some way not mentioned above, send Katie, our Hospitality Culture Director an email at and she’ll connect with you.

How can I become a facilitator or suggest a class idea?

Can I miss a class in the series?

  • Yes… and. We all balance a lot of priorities, so if you need to miss a class, we understand.

  • We have noticed that Hive groups benefit from consistency, and many of our classes are designed as a journey to bring you into deeper relationship with yourself and those in the room. If you know you’ll miss more than 30% of a course, please consider waiting to register until you you can make more.

What do I do if I need to miss a class?

  • At check in, please take some time to note the host and facilitator of your class; their contact information will be available to you through our sign in sheet.

    • Contact either your host or facilitator to let them know. 

    • Should you not have this information easily accessible, you can leave a message on our voicemail at (513)813-8769

Doe my membership expire based on a specific date or is it based on the date I join?

  • Your membership will automatically renew based on the signup date and chosen time period. 

  • You will get an email notification 7 days prior to your credit card being charged.

The class I am interested in is sold out, is there a waitlist?

  • Yes, you can join a waitlist for sold out courses on Eventbrite

  • As current attendees inform us of cancellations, we open the waitlists.  We also ask our facilitators if they are willing to open the space up to a few more guests depending on the overflow.

Severe weather policy

  • Because we operate at different hours than school systems and streets are often passable by the time our classes meet, we are hesitant to say that we will follow any particular organization’s closing procedures. But in the case of severe or extreme weather, such as below zero temps, the Hive staff consults together before making a decision to close. We then share the news on our Website, on social media, and via email.

Class Cancellation procedures

  • Ideally, we will get in touch with you via email within 24 hours notice

  • The most common circumstances in which we cancel classes on short notice are due to facilitator illness or extreme weather. 

  • Our goal is to let you know of any class cancellations no later than 2 hours prior to class start time. We will email you and send you a text message.

Is the Hive a safe space for me?

  • We intend for members and participants of the Hive to co-create a Brave Space for people regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, and ethnicity.

  • You determine the depth. We know that deep authentic work isn’t a forced march, our 6 intentions point out the importance of doing our personal work as well as showing up to do that work with others.

  • Want to just dip your toes in? Check out our events page for some of our lighter opportunities, like Buzz and Happy Hours.

Is the Hive a faith based enterprise? 

  • We are an “inter-spiritual space” which means we welcome all and invite participants and members to seek and speak from their experience and tradition. 

  • While most of our classes draw upon member experiences, including faith experiences, very few discuss religion from the vantage point of a particular faith tradition.  

  • Many of our facilitators are ordained or recognized teachers in lineages ranging from Judaism to Buddhism to various Christian denominations. 

  • We have also received generous grants from various faith-based groups.