5: Erica Jago - Living Within the Pages of Your Life

Erica Jago is a designer and yoga teacher. After a decade of working in the corporate world as a designer, her yoga practice gave her the courage and clarity to develop a vocation around yoga and wholeness. Her book, Art of Attention, was ranked #1 on Amazon for book design and translated into 5 different languages.

You can pre-order her newest book, Angelus, the experiential chakra workbook through the new Indiegogo InDemand shop. Angelus is pioneering a way to spark your home practice with emotionally connected yoga and visually powerful art. https://www.angelusbook.com https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/angelus-experiential-chakra-workbook-yoga-art#/

We explore with her design, setting a life intention, and the grace it takes to live within the pages of your own life. If you don’t have time now to listen to everything, feel free to skip ahead to 24:22 where the meditation begins and then come back later to the conversation. Don't forget the pocket practice version of this meditation coming at the end of the week

Troy Bronsink is the founder and director of The Hive - A Center for Contemplation, Art & Action. The Hive is a nonprofit located in the Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati. Our secret sauce is outfitting people to take up a daily practice through 6-8 week peer to peer groups, through events with luminaries in the Arts, Yoga, Community, Spirituality and more. Check out our website at www.cincyhive.org for more info on how to get involved. If you have any recommendations or are interested in advertisements, please send emails to troy@cincyhive.org.

The music is by Troy Bronsink. From the Hive is produced by Joey Taylor.

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