14: Rome Ntukogu - Seeing One Another

Rome Ntukogu is the Director and Chief Creative Director of Far-I-Rome Productions, a full scale creative services company, working with companies like Vitamin Water, Uptown Consortium, Christian Moerlein, Cincinnati Recreation Commission, Elementz Youth Center and LPK.

A big thank you to Benjamin Thomas for his track in the background of the meditation. Check him out.

If you don't have time now to listen to everything, feel free to skip ahead to where the meditation begins at 34:40 and then come back later for the conversation.

Troy Bronsink is the founder and director of The Hive - A Center for Contemplation, Art & Action. The Hive is a nonprofit located in the Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati. After nearly 2 years of over 3,000 tickets to classes and events sold, The Hive is now moving to a membership based registration. For $30/month, a Hive member can attend classes and events. If you're interested in this for yourself or would like to sponsor someone else to become a member, you can find more information here

The intro and outro music is by Troy Bronsink. From the Hive is produced by Joey Taylor.