Early Membership

In the past two years at the Hive we've facilitated more than 1200 hours of opportunities to deepen your creative, contemplative or activist practices in the comfort of a brave small group. This month we've made a step to making it even easier for you to jump into more. Our membership fee is one flat rate of $30, with an initiation fee of $50, or pay for the entire first year without the fee. 

In addition to the monthly fee our membership invitation includes an agreement of reciprocity. We invite membership who are willing to help us build our vision, to hold up an ethos of brave space to do personally and community transformative work. By joining you are agreeing to partner with the other members and staff of the Hive in this effort.

Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited classes and events for FREE

  • Early access to class registration

  • Members Pricing for One-on-one, retreats, and upcoming discounts for family members

Our membership is organized through JoinIt.org a members management app that syncs with EventBrite, where we host our class registration. Membership transactions are managed through Stripe, and your billing information is never shared with the Hive.

You will also receive a follow up email with opportunities to register for monthly one-on-one at $70/mo and "add a family member."

(Note, while The Hive is a nonprofit,  membership and registration fees are not tax deductible. Per IRS directives,  the good faith estimate of cost for services exceeds fees. However, all non-fee-for-service donations are tax deductible.)