Our Core Facilitators

The Hive has been  privileged to have partnered with over 50 facilitators from a wide variety of disciplines and lineages. We call them facilitators because, while they have wisdom and information to teach, their role is to facilitate "ah ha"s and wisdom as they emerge from group participants. Supporting our various facilitators is a team of core facilitators who help in shaping the vision for member experiences and wider curriculum direction.  


Sarah Buffie

Sarah Buffie MSW, LSW, founding director of Soul Bird Consulting, believes that nothing has the power to heal like supportive relationships.  Specializing in trauma responsive care, she helps organizations and individual citizens disrupt current models of thinking by building empathy and understanding around the effects of trauma. Sarah has worked in community organizing- specifically, Asset Based Community Development, for over a decade and has a deep passion for her work.  Her focus is to spread awareness about how trauma affects the brain and body, and teach effective approaches for developing resilience within the people organizations strive to serve, and the people closest to the work, caregivers and direct providers. The supportive relationships being built through intentional community building at The Hive aligns perfectly with Sarah’s core understanding of trauma recovery.  Connecting with others in a safe/brave space is a gift that Sarah is eager to invite people into.  


Troy Bronsink

Troy Bronsink founded the Hive in spring of 2016 with a desire to collaborate with facilitators from various traditions and backgrounds, making space for transformative individual and group encounters. He brings 25 years of experience in small group facilitation ranging from corporate consulting to community organizing, to spiritual formation. Through the Hive, Troy has developed the curriculum for The Common Good Fellowship, as well as hosting the weekly podcast, From the Hive, interviewing local and global contemplative leaders about their work and practice.  Troy is a member of the Living School, an ordained Presbyterian minister, retreat leader, author, spiritual director, entrepreneurship coach, author, speaker, and consultant. He and his family are residents in Northside.  


Leslie Hershberger

Leslie Hershberger is a leading teacher of the Enneagram and a skilled facilitator, consultant and coach who's work spans the U.S and Europe. She's on the board of the International Enneagram Association and she's known not only for her unique interventions in team dynamics, but also for her humor and insightful facilitation of Enneagram panels. She founded and facilitated Integral Women from 2004-2011 which supported women’s personal, interpersonal, emotional and spiritual lives. 

Neuroscience research confirms that people don’t sustain growth and change when they’re manipulated, mistrustful, afraid or feeling intimated. Leslie's consultancy work addresses this through well researched methods to support people in: Cultivating the crucial INTENTION to change, AWARENESS of habitual patterns, and ADHERENCE to practices that sustain change. All skills that help shape the facilitated class experiences of the Hive. 


Daniel Hughes

Daniel serves as Lead Pastor for Incline Missional Community (IMC). IMC is a diverse, loving, productive, and missional faith community transforming the lives of people who are seeking another chance at life. Hughes loves to connect with the marginalized and uses this gift in a partnership with the Hamilton County Office of Reentry. He is working to reduce gun violence and deaths, mass incarceration, and recidivism in the county, and works with interfaith organizations to create new ways for people to belong in community.

Daniel pays attention to the souls of the men and women in the movement, provides wisdom and an alternative perspective while bringing a message of love and truth to those desperate for family and freedom. He finds joy in helping others identify their passion and purpose, and connect them to the resources that will make them the most loving and productive people in their community.

Hughes is currently partnering with different groups and people from urban, suburban, and rural communities to develop cultures of learning—a culture of people who no longer live for their own selfish motives, but offer their time, talent, and resources to restore community.


Barb Smucker

Barb Smucker is a studio artist with a passion for teaching creative process and renewal through art making.  Barb believes that all people are a special kind of artist, even if for those who are new to artistic expression.   Everyone benefits from moving their hands, working with art materials and seeing what will result. Barb is a popular workshops facilitator leading many classes in art and leadership development throughout the region.  She has taught classes at The Kennedy Heights Art Center, The Centennial Barn, The Evendale Cultural Arts Center, The Pendleton Art Center, Children’s Hospital, as well as The Hive.  Barb is a practicing studio artist who enjoys painting, collage and art journaling. She regularly shows her work at The Pendleton Art Center in OTR. Barb helps make The Hive a crisp, inspiring, and safe environment to explore creative expression and pay attention to the beauty all around. 


Sonya Verma

Sonya Verma MHSA, MBI is the founder of Inner Radiant Life, a yoga and meditation facilitator, Ayurvedic Coach and Reiki Master Practitioner with a passion for discovering the intersection of creative expression and healing in a community based setting. Honoring her Eastern Indian heritage and Western upbringing she brings a unique approach to her work that is heart centered, compassionate and empowering. She weaves her training from different modalities of somatic healing from various yoga traditions with a centralized focus on embodiment practices. Practice is not evaluated by aesthetic alignment in yoga poses but a deeper connection to the, often ignored, more subtle parts of oneself. Through present awareness, humor and trust, she believes we can develop a more loving and accepting relationship to ourselves and where true healing lies.  Sonya facilitates retreats, leading groups of adults and children through meditation, yoga and sound. She has projects in underserved communities and with Bhutanese Refugees in the region by leading yoga and mindfulness based practices.

Through her gift of holding space and creating a safe and nurturing environment, she encourages people to explore, grow and to have a deeper connection to themselves and others at The Hive.

Her training include E-RYT 200HR Yoga Facilitator, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) facilitator, True Body Project Leader, HealthRHYTHMS Facilitator, and Ayurveda