Troy Bronsink, Founder/Director/Spiritual Direction

Stephanie Kruthaupt, Events/ Classes/ Membership

Katie Kinnemeyer, Hospitality/Volunteer Coordinator

Geralyn Sparough,
Curriculum Development/ Facilitators

The Hive cultivates mindfulness which manifests as creativity and intentional social engagement. We do this through retreats, events, classes, and one-on-one direction, which we offer to our neighbors in Northside, Cincinnati, and the wider tri-state region. We also bring Pop Up Hive to your workplace and houses of faith.

Our hunch is that small groups make it easier to learn mindful and contemplative practices; whether that is art and poetry, meditation and prayer, yoga, or even community action. Not only easier, but more meaningful too!

Whats with the word Contemplation?

There are lots of explanations for contemplation. We take it in the spirit of what Dorothy Day called the "long loneliness," Simone Wiel called "unmixed attention," and what MLK called “prayers that open  hearts and spirits.” There are hundreds ways to practice contemplation. Contemplation includes mindfulness and creativity, but goes further to include “heartfulness,” community engagement, and hospitality to strangers lived out in active ways.

Tune into our podcast, drop in on an event, join a class, or dive right in and be a member or volunteer.