Bee Membership:

It takes a whole colony to make a Hive! Anyone is welcome here. That's why our volunteers, facilitators, and any class participants are lifetime Bee-Members and are welcomed to Hive activities. Drop in and become a Bee Member anytime!  

Patron Memberships:

As a non-profit our impact is funded in part by people like you who partner as monthly and annual patrons. Hive patrons enjoy classes and other services at  at reduced rates.


 Patron $20 monthly (or $200 for 12 months)

  • Register for  all classes at 50% off full price
  • Get one free 30 minute one-on-one Spiritual Direction consultation when you sign up

Silver Patron $50 monthly (or $500 for 12 months)

  • All the above Plus:
  • 50% off Conference Tickets (ie: June 10 Sabbath Conference with Walter Brueggemann)
  • 50% off all one-on-one Spiritual Direction appointments

Gold Patron $100 monthly (or $1000 when you pay 12 months upfront)

  • All Classes free
  • All Conferences free for patron
  • Free monthly Spiritual Direction


When you become a monthly or annual patron you will receive a personal discount code in an email from a concierge at the Hive, and assistance in finding the right class and spiritual direction for you.

(Note, while the Hive is a nonprofit,  membership and registration fees are not tax deductible. Per IRS directives,  the good faith estimate of cost for services exceeds fees. However, all non-fee-for-service donations are tax deductible.)