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Buy the gift of mindfulness and community engagement for a loved one: $180 for 6 months, $360 for 12.

Hive Annual Membership

opens up a whole world of learning opportunities and the chance to interact with over 1200 hours of facilitated peer to peer groups to deepen your creative, contemplative, and activist practices.  


To make this kind of place available takes a shared community effort. Hive members make an annual commitment to making such a place possible. With your $360 a year, or $30 a month (plus a $50 origination fee), you make it possible to provide a hospitable space, hire proven facilitators, make space for emerging facilitators, and create a vehicle for contemplative based transformation in our city and region.  The Hive is what you make of it, so we also ask members to co-create classes and events by upholding values of compassion, listening, and responsibility.  Subscribing members receive:

  • Unlimited classes and events for FREE

  • Advance notice to popular programs

  • Contemplative Community Space (Tu-We 9-2, beginning in November)

  • Members Pricing for One-on-one, Retreats, and $20 cost to add a family member.

Our membership is organized through a members management app that syncs with EventBrite, where we host our class registration. Membership transactions are managed through Stripe, and your billing information is never shared with the Hive. Once you've paid for your membership a code will be issued you that will automatically connect you to EventBrite with membership discounts applied. 

(Note, while The Hive is a nonprofit,  membership and registration fees are not tax deductible. Per IRS directives,  the good faith estimate of cost for services exceeds fees. However, all non-fee-for-service donations are tax deductible.)