Our Facilitators

Meet the folks that will be teaching our classes.


Sarah Buffie

Sarah Buffie MSW, LSW, founding director of Soul Bird Consulting, believes that nothing has the power to heal like supportive relationships.  Specializing in trauma responsive care, she helps organizations and individual citizens disrupt current models of thinking by building empathy and understanding around the effects of trauma. Sarah has worked in community organizing- specifically, Asset Based Community Development, for over a decade and has a deep passion for her work.  Her focus is to spread awareness about how trauma affects the brain and body, and teach effective approaches for developing resilience within the people organizations strive to serve, and the people closest to the work, caregivers and direct providers. The supportive relationships being built through intentional community building at The Hive aligns perfectly with Sarah’s core understanding of trauma recovery.  Connecting with others in a safe/brave space is a gift that Sarah is eager to invite people into.  


David Burstein

David Burstein is a teacher of mindfulness and spiritual life. A former congregational Rabbi he weaves the threads of mysticism and meditation into everything from Scriptural studies to martial arts to modern music and culture.

Meeting people where they are-as a transition trainer and guide he works with all ages with a practice of active compassion, kindness and play to help one see their worth and the importance of their own story.


Barb Smucker

Barb Smucker is a studio artist with a passion for teaching creative process and renewal through art making.  Barb believes that all people are a special kind of artist, even if for those who are new to artistic expression.   Everyone benefits from moving their hands, working with art materials and seeing what will result. Barb is a popular workshops facilitator leading many classes in art and leadership development throughout the region.  She has taught classes at The Kennedy Heights Art Center, The Centennial Barn, The Evendale Cultural Arts Center, The Pendleton Art Center, Children’s Hospital, as well as The Hive.  Barb is a practicing studio artist who enjoys painting, collage and art journaling. She regularly shows her work at The Pendleton Art Center in OTR.

Hopes for the Hive

Barb has found The Hive to be an excellent environment to explore creative expression.  The surroundings are peaceful, beautiful and calm.  When you arrive with art materials set out, a hot cup of tea and welcoming classmates ready to greet you, you will find yourself entering the right mental space to approach creativity.  Barb hopes the Hive will continue to be a place where people can find restoration, connection and direction in the midst of a fast paced world.  She loves teaching art related classes at The Hive and have three sessions already scheduled for 2018!  She hopes you will consider joining her for these FUN and restorative classes.


Leslie Hershberger

Leslie Bio here.